Peach Sorbet

Vegan Peach Sorbet The Compassionate Road

Summer has really hit in Sydney and the sun is HOT! My kids love spending as much time as possible by Bondi Beach with an ice-cream in hand. Luckily we have so many wonderful vegan sorbet options around Bondi, including ones that are refined sugar-free. So I can feel less guilty...phew! It also means I generally am lazy and buy the ice creams rather than make them, but the kids wanted to get involved in the kitchen more lately so we wanted to come up with more vegan sweets. (I hope you like them:)

The peaches have been so wonderful and sweet from the Bondi Markets we decided to make them into a sorbet first. It is so easy to make and perfect for either the kids or a pretty desert after dinner.


700 grams of peaches , sliced and frozen

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

3 tablespoons maple syrup

250 ml of plant-milk ( we use coconut-almond milk)


If you have an ice-cream machine, awesome. Pop the ingredients in and let it churn.

If not, add them to a blender, let them mix around for 30 seconds at a time as you don’t it to get to be slushy.

Once it is mixed without too many lumps, pop it back into the freezer, to make sure it stays cool and creamy. Serve once ready, which I find normally takes 45 minutes.