Portobello Mushroom Burger


Doesn't everyone love a burger? And there really is no need to have meat in it to make it hit the spot — even for the carnivores out there! Now I know gluten is perceived as the devil, but in our house, and what I say to clients, is when you do eat bread, make sure it is good quality and have it less often so you savour it! We LOVE our organic bakery Iggy's and I find I can eat their bread once a week and have no adverse digestive reactions to it as I do with other breads. So find some good quality buns for your burgers and instead of the burger being a fast unhealthy fix, it can be a great meal and one you can easily serve to friends for a casual lunch.


  • 2 portobello mushrooms

  • 1 avocado, mashed

  • juice of half a lemon

  • 1 spring onion finely diced

  • dash of truffle oil

  • tempeh, cut into thin strips

  • tamari

  • coconut oil

  • 1 brown onion, sliced thinly

  • 2 buns - I got mine from Iggy's, a bakery in Sydney that makes bread the old way, organically

  • 4 tablespoon's of tomato sauce, preferably home-made.


Wash the mushrooms with the truffle oil and the tempeh in tamari.  Cook all of them in the grill for 8 minutes, both sides.

While they are cooking, combine avocado, lemon, spring onion and some salt together. Set aside.

In a heated fry pan, heat coconut oil and fry up the onions for 3-5 minutes, until soft.

Layer the ingredients - guacamole, mushroom, onion and sauce — into a quality bun and enjoy!

Mainsgemma davis