The Compassionate Kitchen Cookbook

The Compassionate Kitchen Cookbook


The Compassionate Kitchen is packed with over 70-delicious cruelty-free, plant- based recipes with an Asian twist inspired by Gemma and Tracy Noelle, chef to the stars and co- author, travels around the region.

With Gemma’s naturopathic influence, recipes are on the healthy side, but still have some cheeky twists with some sweet treats. Recipes are easy to make, some playing on old favourite dishes and some with new tastes and combinations.

'What we eat, every day, three times a day, when combined by 7 + billion of us, adds up and has a real impact. Eating more plant-based meals helps reduce the detrimental impact animal agriculture is having on our environment and the suffering of animals on factory farms. Plus these recipes taste great, are easy to make and are good for you!’

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