The Compassionate Kitchen

A plant-based cookbook

If there is one piece of advice that every doctor, dietician and nutritionist agrees on, it is this: eat more plants. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on flavour or enjoyment. Nourish yourself and your environment with these 70 plant-based recipes from naturopath Gemma Davis and chef Tracy Noelle. 

Packed with glorious Asian flavours, vegetables, herbs and spices, these exciting recipes are creative, tasty and filling – and they have the bonus of being good for you. From nutritious breakfasts, to punchy wraps, salads, soups, noodles and veggie bowls, plus luscious sweet treats, these vegan recipes from The Compassionate Kitchen will have you craving all their plant goodness for maximum energy, balance and pleasure.



The Compassionate Kitchen Cookbook came about because of a little quote of Mother Teresa’s that kept popping up in my head,

I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.

I personally still believe we need the sometimes hard truths so we can be aware of why we make certain choices but this book is not that.

It is a “pro-peace rally” for our plates.

Just good recipes to make tasty food.

That happen to be plant-based.

Which just happens to be one of the most effective ways we can live more sustainably, environmentally conscious and gentle.

Oh, and science shows eating more plants and reducing your meat has numerous health benefits.

Cooking is where we can make tangible changes to our health, our families wellbeing and the world around us.

Now, as much as I like cooking, I wanted to make sure I had a professional contributing to the dishes, so I got my good friend Tracy to be part of it, thank goodness. Tracy is a vegan chef who has worked in the homes of many wealthy and well-known families… lucky them!

Her recipes are delicious. I know you will love them. With my naturopathic background I made sure the large majority are healthy and because I believe life is about balance, we have included some tantalizing desserts that will hook any sweet tooth.

Tracy and I both have a love for Asian food so The Compassionate Kitchen has an Asian influence throughout it. There are plant-based versions of classics and some new playful flavours! There are also recipes in here from some special people in my life,

-Orchard Street’s Pad Thai and her incredible tamari cashews

-Raw Sisterhoods Fermented Vegetables

-Jessica Gomes Bibimbap Bowls

This book is for anyone. Whether you are plant-based, wanting to reduce your meat intake or someone who eats - we all want to eat more plants for our health! The recipes are easy to make, nutritious and they taste great.


The Compassionate Kitchen

'What we eat, every day, three times a day, when combined by 7 + billion of us, adds up and has a real impact. Eating more plant-based meals helps reduce the detrimental impact animal agriculture is having on our environment and the suffering of animals on factory farms. Plus these recipes taste great, are easy to make and are good for you!’


The Compassionate Kitchen;
The 21 day guidebook

I wrote The Compassionate Road, the 21 Day Guidebook to Healthy Living, Cruelty-Free, with love and intention, to provide

a user-friendly version of well-researched information about diet and food production,

that will get you involved.

It will cost you nothing.

I feel extremely moved to share my professional knowledge on health and share it for others to be able to live a life where you don’t have to participate in the mass suffering caused by factory farms – to the animals, to your own body and also to our environment. It is a way of living that is catching on fire around the world, as many people realise they CAN FEEL GOOD and not support cruelty.


Are you wanting to learn about how to make sustainable and cruelty-free choices?

Are you looking to get healthy but don’t know where to start?

Want to do a detox but need some guidance?

Need more joy and self-compassion in your life?

The Compassionate Road Guide is a fantastic support tool for you to use to really focus on yourself for a 3 week period.

There are over 112 pages of information, worksheets and practical naturopathic advice and tools to help you participate in the journey and make empowered choices that benefit you and those around you.

This is a guide designed to get you to have a deeper understanding and appreciation for the food we eat, every day, three times a day and by doing so, to help you flourish into a being of great health and love.

However, I believe health is more than just our diet, and as yoga and mediation impact greatly on how I live and consult, I also dedicate a large section to these tools and how they relate to living peaceful and happily.

It is my intention for it to be a package that will give you

knowledge, inspiration and guidance


live life with energy and compassion.

Included are sections from

You WILL be equipped with knowledge that will allow you to make healthier choices for yourself and your children.

This is a guide for all diets, for each and every one of us, and is there to shine a brighter light, so when we do make our choices, they are made from a place of knowing truth and then we can decide what is right for each of us, personally.

The Guidebook comes with my Recipe Companion, where I share my staple, yummy and easy recipes to include in your 21 days or throughout your life.

Sign up now for an instant download and get started on the compassionate road today.





"The Compassionate Kitchen is a fabulous 21 day program giving you insight into the foods you should eat and the foods you want to be avoiding, as well as becoming mindful about where our food is coming from. This beautiful guide is an essential read for anyone who has an interest in health and wellbeing, with the recipes being easy to follow and delicious for the whole family."

Naturopathic Medicine Practitioner


"Created with love and filled to the brim with flavour, Gemma’s Compassionate Kitchen is my go-to. So beautifully laid out and every dish is delicious with perfect combinations."

Bubba Yum Yum, Mother


"Wake up, become conscious, not just right now but for the whole journey!

This is the message that Gemma Davis is so passionate about with The Compassionate Road

What I love is that Gemma wants us to have fun exciting lives surrounded by our loved ones and make sure that all beings get that same chance in life.

Thanks for sharing your dailylife wisdom and insights with us."

Clere Director, Yogawoman


"I am a foodie and I love eating meat. I actively source and consume organic, free-range eggs, meat and fish. I like the idea of eating plant-based but didn’t want to feel I was missing out on flavour or protein. Gemma’s book has shown me how eating plant-based can be friggin delicious! Nutrient packed and good for the planet (not to mention the soul) all at the same time. Thanks Gem. You have always been an inspiration to me"

Bodyism Trainer


"Wow Gemma this book is incredible. This information that needs to get out in to the world and you've presented it in such a beautiful, soulful, easy-to-read way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this much-needed resource in the world. May we all live gently and walk a more compassionate road."

A Modern Girls Life


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