Wise Words From Respected Yoga Teacher, Eileen Hall


 Eileen Hall is a woman who I have immense admiration for. She is one of Ashtanga’s most respected teachers- Certified by Ashtanga master Sri K Pattabhi Jois, as well as Sri BKS Iyengar. Her centre, Yoga Moves, has been established in Sydney since 1995 and is a thriving space for the ancient but dynamic form of asana. Eileen has been devoted to exploring all aspects of yoga philosophy many years, with over 30 trips to India for study.

I am lucky enough to begin many of my mornings in her studio in Paddington Sydney and I wanted to share some of her inner wisdom with you.

How does yoga bring compassion into our world?

Big question... the world!!! 

The world as we know it has equal amounts of pleasure and pain.

A yogis role is to remain in balance in all situations that will present themselves in this life.... this requires much work.

So, as we constantly work on ourselves to remain in this place of Balance in our internal world this will reflect upon our external world.

A sense of Santosa, Contentment can allow us to experience compassion.  

You once said to me “you do not identify yourself with your physical body” which I believe is such a powerful message in our beauty obsessed world today, can you explain this further?

Our physical self will always experience some limitations, while the world of our consciousness is unlimited.

Yoga teaches us how to step off this external  physical plane and direct our consciousness to our many layers and inner dimensions.

 What aspects of yoga beyond asana practice do you believe to be important to integrate into our lives?

It's the principles of Yoga that are to be integrated off the mat. That we do not just practice everyday, but ALL day, and that the principles are not just rolled up with the Yoga mat. 

And there are many principles... one that comes to my heart is Right Livelihood. 

How does your diet relate back to your yoga practice?

Im constantly refining my diet… as I age… as the change of seasons… and as science discovers new and interesting concepts.

Through all of this I remain a vegetarian. The meat industry has become an inhuman industry of the slaughtering animals for the sake of gratification of our senses rather than the wellbeing of our health.

I would highly recommend everybody should read the “Diet for the New America”,it will bring untold truths to whats really involved in bringing a burger to you.

Fotor0430104530You still move with such grace and strength and have in the past overcome serious illness, how has your yoga practice attributed to this?

Yoga if done mindfully will tune you into your own personal needs, not the needs of a trainer or what a DVD will tell you to do..

As we age, so do our needs... as we evolve so does our purpose.

Illness is an opportunity for change... sometimes it can be as simple as a change of heart. 

What are 3 effective ways for people to affect change for the better in our world?

Do not harbour resentment. Resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

Service... do more for others willingly without any attachment to the out come.

Spend time in nature...that doesn't mean a medium strip on Edgecliff Road, or watching a DVD of David Atternbrough ... Dive into the nature... make the effort, as our lives can be full, nature can give you a respite from this busyness. 

 Do you have a particular cause that you are passionate about?

Only to bring the Art of yoga to as many people I can in my life time. 

You spent much of your life with Pattabhi Jois in India- what were his greatest teachings that you carry with you in life today?

Such a GREAT teacher was Pattabhi Jois, a man with joy in his heart for every SINGLE student. He would aspire to bringing the best of each student to make them realise their True Potential.

Guruji would say, " Yoga is a hero's path, in which there is no indulgence for complaint or avoidance.


Below is a sweet short glimpse into some of Eileens thoughts.