Why You Want To Detox To Start Your New Year


After the silly season most of us have over-indulged and perhaps not been exercising as much as normal. I know when I put on a dress for my friends wedding on New Year's Day I was not too happy that it almost didn't fit over my backside! Surely those couple of weeks of a few too many pizzas and hot chips hadn't affected me that quickly!? The dress said otherwise. For me my main concern is not how I look but how I feel and I know most of us get to a point where a few too many of anything can be enjoyable for a period but then it starts to affect our energy levels and moods.

Therefore it only makes sense to me to go into the new year with a detox. Detoxing is a great way to start fresh because it halts you in your unhealthy habits and creates space to truly enact all those new healthy habits you may have put on your resolution list. Sometimes we need to create breathing room and hit the pause button before we can move forward establishing new patterns.

With our over consumption of sugar, caffeine, alcohol and processed foods, it is no wonder that for many people a major source of toxicity is their digestive system. This is also due to high stress levels impacting functionality which is an issue because when foods are not digested correctly they can become fuel for the growth of dysbiotic organisms that produce toxicity and fragments of their membranes can be absorbed into the blood stream triggering inflammatory responses.Other issues with toxins are they can negatively effect normal processes of the body through interference with enzymes, blockages of cellular transport mechanisms, oxidative damage, mimicking of hormones and nutrient malabsorption.

If you are suffering from any of the below:

  • Gut issues such as bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, indigestion etc
  • Food sensitivities
  • Skin rashes
  • Low mood and energy
  • Headaches and pain in the body

it may be a sign your body has become overloaded and impaired. Even when we are generally healthy, in our environment day-to-day there is so much pollution our bodies copes with, it can be kind to give it a rest periodically. I am sure you will be thankful in the long run!

A detox aims to support gut repair and increase healthy gut flora, reinforce elimination of toxins and heavy metals and to support our kidney, lymphatic system and liver detoxification. If you work directly with a Naturopath there is a wide range of tests available now that can help determine what your body needs to detoxify and support, such as toxic metal testing, liver function and stool analysis. A Naturopath can also put together an individual herbal and nutritional treatment plan for you.However if you are looking for something light I commit to 2-4 weeks of cutting out

caffeine, dairy, alcohol, sugar, fried foods and refined grains

and include

lots of vegetables and plant foods as close to their natural state as possible.

You will be amazed at how just this can make such a difference in your sense of clarity once you get through the first 3 days, which can be a little tricky with overcoming your need to use your normal crutches.You can also try a juice cleanse to give your gut a real break. In all major cities you can find them now. I use Orchard Street  as they are organic and I love the combinations. Three days works wonders but if you are nervous you can always start with one day and see how you go.During your detox;

  • Include a smoothie a day where you can aid oils such as coconut or flaxseed, a good quality green powder, chia seeds and as many greens as you can such as cucumbers, mint, parsley, spinach, kale etc.
  • Drink at least 2 litres of filtered water a day. Including chlorophyll in your water can help aid detoxification.
  • Either avoid meat or reduce your portions sizes and defiantly avoid factory farmed products.
  • Include a good quality probiotic and herbal support for your digestive system. Most health food stores and pharmacies now have Naturopaths you can talk to who can recommend over the counter products most suitable.
  • If you feel like going a little further you can also cut out eggs, soy, corn and strawberries which can be allergenic foods for many people. 
  • Avoid beauty products such as anti-perspirant that contain toxic metals. You can take it a step further and take the time to also look at what might be making your house a toxic environment.

If you are wondering what you can eat, check out my Recipe ebook and recipe box for ideas. Deliciously Ella also has a wonderful selection of healthy recipes.

Write down your progress; keep check lists if it helps your will power; and why not have fun with it and experiment. If you can coax a friend to do it with you, great; everything is more fun when you are sharing the ride!

You can even go on a detox adventure and detox your life in other areas to such as unhealthy relationships and personal blockages.