What Dairy?


I do not eat dairy but my children and Adam eat small amounts of natural yoghurt and eggs. I choose to feed them these products to help widen the nutrients and protein they consume, especially Jay who can be fussy! I do not give them dairy milk because in my experience it often causes reactions that yoghurt does not. I always make sure we buy BARAMBAH ORGANICS or ELGAAR ORGANIC dairy products due to their ethical stance on organic farming methods and animal welfare.  They don't have any thickeners, gelatine or other additives in their yoghurts and when they pasteurize their cows milk they do it gently and slowly which keeps more enzymes in it compared to the standard rapid application of heat. Apparently it also tastes the best, has won many awards and is recommended by lots of well-known chefs. Win win.

In an earlier post I talked about how male bobby calves are taken immediately to slaughter on most dairy farms and how the mothers are separated from the calves, Barambah and Elgaar do not do this. However they do normally get killed at around 4-6 months and used as veal, as they still are not productive as a milking cow or grown for a beef cow:(

As they are also certified organic, it means that no pesticides or chemical fertilisers have been used on the cows feed and they are not given antibiotics. If the dairy farm is not organic then you do not know what the cows have been eating, that will then make its way into your cheese or milk.

"At Barambah Organics all the calves that are born on our property stay within our care. Our calves are not considered by us to be waste products. At the age of 6 months we take the females to another one of our properties which is 20kms from the dairy farm. There they have 1,300 acres to roam, and we take the males to our 1,000 acre property at Murgon. No Barambah calves are sent to the abbatoir.

We often get asked the question "When are the calves separated from their mothers?" Each calf is different and needs to be individually assessed and monitored after birth. Some calves are completely abandoned by their mothers and human intervention is required earlier so that the calf receives its much-needed colostrum, much like human babies. The calf is not separated from its mother until it is truly on its way and fit and healthy" Barambah Organics Website

"Every one of our valued cows given a name and this is very much a reflection of the way we care for them. Our herd grazes in rich pastures surrounded by trees, providing both shade from the sun and shelter from the weather. They are treated with respect and dignity, and any illness is treated with natural remedies and no antibiotics, hormones or any other artificial inputs are administered." Elgaar Farm Website

Elgaar do not add even milk solids to their products which I prefer however they are not as available to the whole of Australia as Baramah is- so if you do eat dairy find either. To eat dairy or not is a personal question. The key is to listen to your body after consuming a food and feeling your reaction. If you become bloated, irritated, tired or have skin breakouts, mucous or any type of inflammation in your body, then you should seriously consider removing it from your diet. A good way to tell is to keep a food diary for a week, noting any sensations after your meal or see a Naturopath to help you do an elimination diet for a period of time.

What ever you choose to eat make sure you are buying the purest, quality form!