Tips for what to do when your skin is less than glowing


No one likes having issues with their skin, especially when it is the skin on your face. Yes, I know, it is superficial HOWEVER... people stare at our face when they talk to us, so it is understandable that we get a complex when we have blemishes or red patches. I can say this as in the past I have experienced it - coming off the Pill in my early 20's I ended up with acne as my body detoxed and got back to its equilibrium and I have also dealt with crazy itchy red eczema from food intolerances! My experience with "problem" skin taught me a powerful lesson; to let go of my attachment to my image. After a little self pity party, I wasn't going to let bad skin stop me from enjoying life, so I had to get over the initial embarrassment and dig a little deeper. In the end my pimples were good for my soul. I believe often our illnesses can be our teachers.

Ultimately though, our skin is a mirror of what's going on inside our bodies. Skin disease is a manifestation of overburden of toxic materials in the body. When it is red, itchy, with rashes or pimples, it is a sure sign that something on the inside is not in balance - to get rid of the skin problems long term you must treat the root of the cause. We want our skin to be glowing because our insides are! No amount of topical acne cream is going to help you when your internal organs and systems are not coping.

In my experience skin problems are a result of two main areas; gut health and hormonal imbalance.

Easy tips to help treating skin

  • Drink at least 2 litres a day of filtered water.
  • Cut out inflammatory foods including dairy, gluten, soy, sugar, hydrogenated fats, caffeine and alcohol. 
  • Consume good oils - think avocados, flax seed oil, coconut oil, seeds and nuts.
  • Drink herbal teas such as nettle, liquorice or fennel.
  • Increase the amount of raw vegetables in your diet.
  • Include fermented vegetables in your diet.
  • Supplement where needed such as:
    • Treat gut with probiotics, aloe vera, glutamine powder and digestive enzymes
    • Sea buckthorn oil for good oils(no animals are killed in the process like fish oils)
    • Zinc (a high quality one)
    • Help cleanse your blood by drinking chlorophyll in water
    • Herbs are great at treating through a variety of actions such as Echinacea, Red Clover, Calendula, Blue Flag, Chasetree, Liquorice. A naturopath can help mix a combination specific for the individual.

When skin disease is caused by a hormonal imbalance, such as sometimes when girls first start to menstruate, during pregnancy/menopause or from PMS/Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome it is important to see a professional naturopath. The above recommendations can still be followed to help the healing process.

Topical ideas;

  • Witch hazel with a few drops of lavender can work wonders as a toner.
  • Calendar cream for eczema can be healing and soothing.
  • Jobaba oil is a wonderful oil that is similar to our skin ph and is void of any nasties.
  • Tea tree oil or lavender oil are great for on a blemish
  • Try changing skin creams / make-up to a natural one that avoids the harsh chemicals.

Be cautious of treating eczema with corticosteroids as while they may dampen the symptoms for a short period, they often come back worse. Likewise, long-term antibiotics and the Pill for acne may clear the skin while you are taking them, but they mess with the health of the intestinal system and therefore may make the symptoms worse when you come off them! 

If you are suffering from skin that isn't glowing, don't get down in the dumps; it doesn't help! As corny as it sounds, beauty comes from within; as does health, so love yourself, pimples and all, enough to heal what ever is going on with your body by looking within.