The Small Shiny Treasures Along The Way


I don't want to bypass the sweetness that life has to offer just to be on a "healthy" path or to reach "success".

For me it’s the little, often insignificant things that tally up each day that bring me the most happiness and peace when I close my eyes to sleep. I could die in that moment and be satisfied. Not because I have fulfilled my dreams or goals and not because I have "achieved" anything in particular. I’m not disregarding that reaching and striving for our ambitions can give us a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment - but moment to moment, I have come to realise that it is that which I may take for granted or not place enough value on that brings the joy to my experience as a human. It is when I forget this that life gives me a big slap in the face to remind me...

Our western society places a high value on material success, growing businesses, climbing the ladder... but at what price? Are we getting so caught up doing what we believe will produce an outcome or earn recognition that we forget to enjoy the day-to-day treasures?

In the health industry there is often a call to take out everything and place strict boundaries on ourselves - no sugar, no alcohol, no late nights... Clearly there is a place for times of restriction, especially when changing bad habits, shifting health issues and so on. And ultimately I think that keeping the "nasties" to a minimum works for the better. However I don’t think that long term, complete restriction allows much space for pure pleasure.

I can talk. I thoroughly enjoy early nights, waking before 6am and practicing my ashtanga yoga, meditation, following a vegan lifestyle and diet. I feel clean after juice cleanses and happily go alcohol, caffeine, sugar free for all sorts of extended periods and do find enjoyment in this way of living.

But always being rigid takes away the brilliance of spontaneity. That is damn right unappealing to me. And ultimately I don’t think strict health practices equates to spirituality and happiness. Some of the "healthiest" and most "successful” people I have known are the most unhappy or are the ones that have had complete breakdowns that they never saw coming.

So this is just a small blog to note the brilliance of enjoyment I also find in the memorable nights that go into the wee hours of the morning dancing and laughing with girlfriends, to reading the fiction books with a hot chocolate in hand, to "wasting" whole days in my tracksuit pants with my children, to eating that pizza, to being less "successful" in work to be more present and available in my relationships, to playing the guitar even when I sound terrible just because it is fun... to all those seemingly irrelevant things in your life that score no goals but tickle your heart if you let them.

I don’t think we are text book characters; we are raw, we are human and we can break if we don’t appreciate the joy we have right at our fingertips in this wonderful life we are privileged to lead.

Perhaps if we soften to enjoy the small things we can avoid the cracks of depression and anxiety that are so prevalent today.

I’m all for softening now. I take it all.

I don’t want to be occupied with the "big stuff" to shun the beauty of small treasures along the way.

Are you enjoying the life you love via the little things? Why not tune in this week and let them delight your soul.