The Difference between Giving Up and Listening to Your Intuition.


I find the balance between fear and intuition interesting and sometimes hard to distinguish. When we are all gung-ho on "making things work" in western society and defining our success on material wealth - giving up and quitting is generally not looked upon favourably. Got to make it work...

I believe that there is a time, when you really are not feeling the love anymore, that perhaps it's time to let it go. Yep. Time to call it quits. Scary.

Because no matter what goals you set out to achieve and plans you have, sometimes along the journey, life has other ideas.

Learning to be able to listen to your intuition when this happens can be priceless. Because perhaps letting go of what you thought you wanted, to allow for what you NEED, may lead you down a road much more nourishing, interesting and full of growth.

I have had numerous lessons in my life like this; I modelled internationally as a teenager and despite the work I got, there was a moment when I was sitting on the streets of Milan, bawling my eyes out to my two comrades about how much I hated it. As a young girl you are led to believe that being in magazines and making money from your looks is a desired thing, but it was monumental for me to get to the point that I didn't like it, therefor I could choose NOT TO DO IT and this led me to my studies of Naturopath. Previously, I had loving boyfriends but despite no major problems, I just had to listen to that niggling feeling in my gut it wasn't right and this led me to my wonderful soulmate of a husband.  I went back to university when I was pregnant with my son, but after a semester I realised another degree wasn't what I was looking for.  Instead, after some soul-searching, I started making a documentary, something creative that I never thought I would do and am loving it.  My husband and I spent 6 months on one highly regarded architect for our new home and then realised it didn't feel like us and so we scrapped it, started from scratch with another architect and now finished, it is my dream home. Looking at all these example you may think I am a flake, but actually with each letting go came a preferred outcome I wouldn't have achieved if I had held on.

This can be difficult when a project or relationship has been time consuming and required lots of effort; we don't want to see it go to "waste". I'm not talking about walking away from a marriage or a job just because you are going through a tough patch.  I believe, especially in a long-term marriage, we go through phases and the tough knots are just about rising to the occasion, working through it and having a growth period and coming out stronger and more connected. If everything is always smooth sailing, I don't think big things are happening... because in big love and big projects problems do happen, so we don't want to be afraid of working through issues. When I am feeling challenged or overwhelmed, I look honestly at myself and ask if I am having a breakdown or a breakthrough. Is it time to rise up or just as important and valued, is it time to let go?

Tolerating mediocre or getting stuck in the "just until" trap can mean we waste years of our short lives on less than our potential -   not what we think our potential is, what it actually is if we listen to the inner voice and trust in the uncertainty of life. This can be scary as we have to learn to trust a path unpaved which can require grieving a little while letting go of what we thought were our dreams, but I truly believe that a door will not open until another closes.

My uncle died suddenly this week. He was relatively young, healthy and full of life and it has devastated our family and taken us by complete shock. Life is short. We are mortal and it will end.

If you knew you were going to die in a year would you still be doing what you are doing? Is there a part of your life you need to change because it is slowly dampening your spirit?

"Being able to quit things that don't work is integral to being a winner."

Tim Ferris 

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