The Beginnings of Why to Choose Organic


Food is so much to us. It is a social time to share with friends and family. It is a leisure activity in cooking and creating great flavors. It is nourishment for our bodies to grow and have energy. Food can even be our medicine. Billions of us are privileged to be able to eat it at least three times a day, every day, for our entire lives. Billions of us are not and are starving.

So I think that makes food production at the top of the list of important issues in our world.

It is a huge topic, this is just a touch, a tiny, incy weensy spotlight on the reasons why I recommend choosing organic food for our health and our environment.

There are many benefits to eating organic. A main one being that certified organic food is free of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides that are all used in conventional methods of farming.

These chemicals are sprayed onto crops to kill organisms, such as insects and fungi. The meaning of "cide" is to kill. The problem is that these poisons don't just affect the targeted "pests". They run off into water ways, pollute the air, change the structure of the soil and end up in the food that animals and us humans then consume.

They are toxic to animals, plants, the environment and the humans who work with them and eat them. There are now numerous evidence based studies linking commonly used pesticides with severe adverse health reactions in humans, especially children whose immune systems are still developing.

That is just the small beginning of the negative flow on effect and that alone is enough for me to want to choose organic when possible.

Certified Organic Farming 

  • No use of pesticides.
  • No used of petroleum based fertilizers
  • They used methods such as crop rotations and companion planting to increase nutrient range in soil
  • Committed to regeneration of land

I am vegan and choose not to eat animals. I don't preach that this diet is for everyone but I do think that if you choose to eat meat, then for health, environment and humane reasons, there is a strong argument to choose to eat organic meat.

For Organic Farming of Animals

  • No use of antibiotics, hormones or animal bi products used in producing organic meat
  • Animals must be kept in living conditions according to the natural behavior of the animal and fed organic feed.
  • Animals must have access to pastures for majority of daylight hours
  • No use of de-beaking for poultry or tail docking for pigs ( Where they cut off the beaks or tails with no antiseptic in conventional farming)
  • No use of electric prodders for management
  • Space limitation, which also means no sow stalls or feedlots
  • Breeding using natural methods
  • Must be killed at a certified abattoir, which means, no live export, transported humanly, kept in social groups, provided feed and water and not to be killed in the line of sight of other animals.