Taking back the power to heal


"Wise Earth Ayurveda Inner Medicine healing is based in the understanding that each one of us has the ineffable ability to arouse healing powers imbued within ourselves." Maya Tiwari

As a Naturopath I often see people waking up to the realisation that popping a pill to dull a symptom does not bring harmony to their health and wellbeing in the long run. Either the symptoms return, a state of "dis-ease" reappears in a new physical/mental form or they find they start to need a whole host of different new medications to deal with a cascading effect that often comes with side effects of the primary medication.

So an awakening happens and they come seeking a more holistic alternative. Fantastic. However in society today it is so engrained in us to seek the answer outside of ourselves that often clients want to simply replace the drug pill with the vitamin pill and expect it to solve all their problems. I have great faith in the power of nutrients and herbal medicine however without healing within, health and wellbeing issues will continue to arise in order to get you to learn to truly nourish and nurture your whole self... body, mind and spirit.

In the wonderfully rich in ancient knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine there is an emphasis on using herbs, foods, thoughts, sacred practices and actions to ultimately regain your connection with the "oneness of the universe," the energy that creates and heals and is within all of us. Ayurvedic medicine emphasises the need to recognise that you can heal yourself and ultimately on a deeper level are already healed. It is about taking responsibility for your own healing and not always seeking answers outside but going deeper within, as the main ingredient for inner healing is your own vital energy.

When we are suffering from illness or stress, natural remedies can be significantly helpful but on an even greater holistic level we want to recover, refresh and refine the innate knowledge of who we really are. We want to rid ourselves of inner conflict and live a life of ahimsa-non violence. This generally does not happen over night and requires daily attention and action.

We also want to check in that our inner rhythms are in alignment with mother consciousness. What does this mean?

Ayurvedic belief is that we are attuned to the rhythms of the moon and especially as woman this is powerful. If we are truly aligned we will ovulate with the new moon and menstruate with the full moon-which works well for our natural desires that often arise with the moons. Do you ever notice you feel the desire to reflect and be alone with the new moon and have you more energy and wildness on the full moon?

Pay attention for a few cycles of the moons and test it out-take some time out next new moon to journal and reflect and on the full moon, go out with some girls and celebrate your inner goddess by dancing, swimming, laughing...

10467103_10154288872630722_759319491419029435_oRegarding woman, "Shakti" is the feminine aspect of cosmic energy and each and every woman has Shakti power within her...each and every woman is a goddess. On days were I might be struggling with personal old limiting habit patterns, I find even the mantra of "I am a goddess" to be extremely powerful... not in the egoic sense of thinking  "I'm a rockstar" but just simply by REMEMBERING who I really am...who you really are too.

As the goddess woman that we are we can bring awareness and appreciation on our intuition, sensitivity and introspection. And honour our power to create and the beauty and power in simply being a woman.

I am not an Ayurvedic practitioner but I am fascinated by the depths of the healing modality and believe that its philosophies have much to teach us. Check out Wise Earth School for more learning on it and the book 'Womans Power to Heal' by Maya Tiwari for some easy Ayurvedic healing tips.

An underlying principle when confused where to start on our journey of our own inner healing is to keep it simple... simplify our complicated lives that often come with hosts of stresses... by implementing this in our busy lives it can start to restore balance, take time for ourselves and reconnect with the great power of mother nature.