Surviving cancer.

I had been a vegetarian for a couple of years when my father started dating Jenny over 12 years ago. She was a game changer in my life. She looks incredible, is full of energy and had survived cervical cancer... twice. She contributes it all to her vegan living. Not only does she choose to be vegan because it saved her life but she is extremely passionate about not playing a part in the immense suffering of animals that occurs in todays world of factory farming, the leather and fur industry, animal testing and entertainment. After I read just one book she recommended me, 'Animal Liberation' by Peter Singer, I had an epiphany and so too did my vegan journey begin.

Jenny got to share her path eventually with my father. After dating him as a bacon, sausage and wine lover for 10 years, he too was diagnosed with cancer.

Not quite the way we would of liked him to take interest but now his own mortality was staring him in the face. Suddenly he had two choices, to go have aggressive chemotherapy and surgery, with high risks of complications or to take his health back into his own hands by educating himself and making some big changes.

Jenny had used chemotherapy and surgery as treatment after her first diagnosis but when the cancer returned she decided to take a different approach as she realised the cancer was not coming from the tumour itself but had to be treated from a deeper more holistic place. Without going into too much detail here the biggest change for both of them was moving to a plant based diet with no procesed foods and stopping the consumption of alcohol. This meant no meat or dairy and lots of fresh vegetables and fruits and juices. Jenny also used Gerson Therapy, which involves high amounts of juices as medicine and supporting the body detoxing pathways with enemas. They both took up meditation and light yoga.

Today Dad and Jenny are both full of health and vitality. While in their late 50s and early 60s's,they have endless energy, working, enjoying a host of pleasurable hobbies, busy social lives, are very playful grandparents and they are up at boot camp at 6am and probably fitter than me! They continue to be vegan and vegetarian. (And once my Dad had a clean bill of health, they both still enjoy their wine or two!)

They are walking advertisements for living the compassionate road and I am forever grateful for Jenny's teachings to our family.