Sources of Calcium


Calcium is one of the most abundant minerals in our body and is mostly found in our bones. It is important for our bone health, especially after menopause in woman, nerve transmissions, muscle contractions and cardiovascular health.  The recommended amount to consume a day is approximately 1000mg. A common misconception, that is widely marketed, is that we must have lots of dairy to achieve this. However there are many plant-based foods that are also high in calcium and are easily absorbed by the body. Caffeine, tannins( in tea) phosphates ( in soft drinks) and diets high in protein can inhibit the absorption of calcium, so aim to limit or avoid these.

Below are a few plant-based foods that are great calcium sources. IMG_41091Brazil nuts. Great in a nut mix for energy on the go or delicious in nut spreads on toast and wraps.

a-little-rosemary-and-thymeHerbs are a great way to add calcium in your diet. Dried in cooking or fresh in salads! Thyme and Rosemary are especially high.

slide_222478_902952_freeDark green leafy vegetables including the much loved kale are great plant-sources of calcium. Think oven roasted kale chips, fresh kale in salads and kale in super green smoothies.

slide_222478_902972_freeOrange is the fruit with the goods. You can't beat a whole fresh orange in summer that gives you 52mg of calcium. 

slide_222478_903270_freeOats contain medium amounts of calcium. Great in porridge and bliss balls.

D7K_9256-1Chia Seeds are super high in calcium. Great sprinkled over salads, stir-fries, porridge, use them in smoothies or make chia puddings:)

almonds-health-foodAlmonds have to be my favourite nut. Activated (soaked) helps them digest easily, toasted tamari ones are bursting in flavour. Great alone, in smoothies, as spreads, in salads.

fig+newtons+009Dried Figs are super sweet and give a super hit of the calcium goods. Add to a nut mix or salad. I love them with roasted sweet potatoes.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERABroccoli. Another favourite dark green leafy vegetable. Perfect steamed lightly.

IMG_0963 Navy beans, butter beans even beloved baked beans. Great in casseroles, curries, salads and whizzed up for dips. Also think chickpeas and hummus:)

IMG_4213Asian greens are high in calcium. Bok choy is my favourite for stir-frys and amazing in juices! Try it and be surprised!

Sesame-SeedsSesame seeds are super high scorers of calcium. Sprinkle on salads and I love them over rice dishes. Tahini is the spread made from sesame seeds and is beautiful mixed for salad dressings, in sandwich as spreads and mixed with maple syrup on crackers for a sweet treat for the kiddies.


Soy beans, such as a beautiful bowl of edamame at Japanese or in your tempeh, which we love lightly fried in sesame oil and tamari are high in calcium.

If you want to know the "numbers" below is a table sourced from the USDA but don't fixate over them. Food is nutritious and fun. Include a wide variety of fresh organic plant-based produce and trust in nature:)

                      Food Source               Calcium per 100grams

Brazil Nuts            160mg

Thyme                  405mg

Rosemary              317mg

Kale                       150mg

Dried figs               162mg

Chia Seeds               631mg

Sesame seeds             975mg

Broccoli                   47mg

Bok Choy                 105mg

Chick peas                 105mg

Almonds                    264mg

Oats                            54mg

Tempeh                    111mg

Edamame                   277mg

Milk                         125mg

Yoghurt                  110mg