Perth Raw Foodies


Adam and I did the juice cleanse by the great team at Perth Raw Foodies over the summer holidays and loved it. Clinton, the owner, chatted to me in more depth about the ever more popular raw food diet.

The basics-  why raw?

Raw, unprocessed and organic wholefoods provide the optimal amount of bio-available nutrients while also retaining living enzymes that aid chemical processes and digestion. Maintaining an alkaline environment is a vital to health and living a dis-ease free life and raw organic wholefoods are the key.

Raw is an nature intended and prevents harmful by products caused by heating food above 37degC from entering the body. Feeling energized and alive not sluggish and tired are good enough reasons everyone should add a little more raw every day.

What is classified as "raw"

Raw is simply unprocessed foods that are not heated above 37degC. Typically raw foods would include wholefoods like nuts, seeds, grains, fruits, vegetables etc. Raw foods are the most nutritious, energizing and incredibly tasty foods on the planet.

You will often hear people that are new to a high raw lifestyle comparing their ”raw intake” as a percentage i.e 80/20. I don’t get caught up in the perceived numbers or percentages and rather choose to consume a high quantity of raw un processed foods as well as including exercise, sunshine and many other factors that contribute to an overall healthy lifestyle. Of course the higher your raw intake the more nutrients will be absorbed into your body and a more alkaline state will be maintained.

Its not just salads and raw fruits and vege but divine and indulgent desserts and alternatives to common every day foods like pastas and pizza that are now found in cafes and restaurant everywhere. Raw Recipe books, workshops and retreats flood the internet as the movement to living a healthier and more conscious lifestyle grows.

 Where do the following fit in the diet and your opinion on them;


As a vegetarian I personally consume very little dairy in my diet. Raw milks are available as healthier alternatives to pasteurized products found typically in supermarkets or at your local cafés and restaurants. Many of the anti-microbial and immune-enhancing components of raw milk are greatly reduced in effectiveness by pasteurisation, and completely destroyed by ultra-pasteurization. I choose not to drink nut milks as opposed to dairy and would recommend if people continue to consume dairy that they look for locally produced raw alternatives rather than pasteurized products.


An organic soy milk is an alternative to dairy and is a common choice amongst vegetarians, vegans and people that may be lactose intolerant. Soy is readily available at cafes and restaurants and if nut milks are not available I have soy.


Raw organic oils including coconut, hemp seed, sesame and almond are important as they provide us with essential fatty acids (EFA’s) including omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 with coconut oil containing antimicrobial, antioxidant and antibacterial qualities with no harmful trans fatty acids. Raw oils are easily added to smoothies, salads and raw recipes.


Fruits are consumed in both wholefood forms and in juices and smoothies. Fruits provide us with energy in the form of crystallized liquid sunlight with the nutrients being readily absorbed into the blood stream. Knowing where your fruits come from and how they are grown is just as important as actually consuming enough.

Our supermarket shelves are now full of so called “fresh” produce shipped from countries including South America and China which are picked early, grown from GM seeds, sprayed with pesticides and stored for months at a time with chemicals including ethylene used to ripen them before being stacked on the shelves. Organically grown fruits should be consumed as they provide an abundance of nutrients including calcium and vitamin c.


Superfoods have become a very fashionable and expensive food product that are shipped from distant countries with a promise of delivering extraordinary amounts of anti oxidants, vitamins and minerals with benefits including weight loss and reducing chronic disease. I consume a small range of so called superfoods including maca, chia seeds and hemp protein in smoothies and other recipes.

Common wholefoods including avocado’s, broccoli, kale, honey and cacao also provide a wide range of vitamins, nutrients and minerals however come at a much more affordable price and are found everywhere. Superfoods can be grown in your back yard they don’t have to be potent powders packed in shiny plastic shipped from exotic foreign countries!


As a vegetarian I choose not to consume any meat products. This started for me as an animal welfare choice after watching the very popular documentary Earthlings. In the years following and through constant research however the health benefits of consuming less or even no meat became clear.

What are your 5 non-negotiables when it comes to diet

  • Lots of quality water (not tap water). 3 litres a day is ideal.
  • Green Smoothies, banana, spinach, kale, protein and water, yum (1 litre a day)!
  • Cold pressed fruit & vegetable juices
  • Raw organic oils including coconut, flaxseed, hemp and almond for all of my essential fatty acids
  • Loads of nuts, seed and grains


How a raw diet works with your children

Having 2 young children, Indiana (2) and River (6 months) is an incredible adventure every day. They are both vegetarian and eat a high raw intake. They eat the same as us and as its what they have grown up doing they are happy and healthy. We make daily trips around our yard picking fresh fruit and vegetables and snacking on them as we go. Indiana even has her own garden that is currently producing organic corn, beans, beetroot and peas.

We take responsibility for teaching our children where food comes from and how it can be grown organically from home. Food isn’t just something you find on supermarket shelves (far from it) and it is so important that our younger generations understand this so they too can take control of their health and lifestyle.

What you have on offer for the perth people!

Here in Perth we run raw food classes that introduce people to a raw food lifestyle whilst also giving them hands on experience creating all kinds of tasty raw recipes.

Our home delivered juice cleanse service is rapidly growing and has seen hundreds of people fast on cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices for a number of reasons including weight loss, detox, cleansing and for an overall boost in energy and wellbeing. We are currently re-branding and will be launching our newest juice cleanse service in the coming months.

I offer 1 on 1 consults with people that may have health issues or are looking for advice and help transitioning to a high raw lifestyle. I love helping and sharing information with people that are hungry to learn and implement healthy and sustainable changes. Its extremely rewarding especially when we start seeing results from making simple and easy changes, lets just say, there are lots of “Uh Ha” moments and its like a whole new world is discovered for a lot of clients.

Check them out here Perth people!