Nutritionist Kirsten Shanks On How To Stay Healthy On a Plant-Based Diet

I love Kirsten and everything she stands for, including her stunning Sydney business, Orchard St. She founded Orchard St early 2013 and is a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist. A love of nature, a passion for healing and a strong belief in the use of food as medicine inspired her to develop Orchard St. Raised between the jungles of Borneo and rural New Zealand in a culinary family, an exotic variety of lovingly made food has always been at the centre of her life. After witnessing family illnesses remedied with the power of food as medicine, Kirsten sought out a comprehensive training in nutritional medicine in order to offer others the benefits she has experienced first hand.

Following her Naturopathic education Kirsten travelled for several years, studying traditional medicines and healing practises in India, Mexico, Guatemala, North America and Spain. Studies in Yoga teaching and vedic meditation awoke the importance of Ahimsa - the 'non- harming' principle that is the foundation of a vegetarian lifestyle. It was while living on Orchard Street in New York where raw and vegan lifestyles flourish, that the inspiration for Orchard St. began to bud. Since then the company has grown into a family, with the colour, chaos, warmth, laughter and dedication of many. Living true to her beliefs, Kirsten consumes a plant-based diet and divides her spare time between nature, her yoga mat and loved ones, including her new baby son.

If you are interested in doing a juice cleanse, I highly recommend Orchard Street.