Naturopathic Medicine and Labels


Treating with natural medicine takes place by facilitating and enhancing ones body to allow it to heal itself. It is achieved by using natural and non toxic therapies, including herbs, nutrition and supplementation and by education of the patient to eliminate destructive habits. The key philosophies that distinguishes natural medicine from allopathic medicine are

  • treating the cause, not just the symptom.
  • treat the whole person
  • prevention is the best cure
  • establish health and wellness as a lifestyle

Combining my love for natural therapies and animal welfare means that I have become aware that I do not want to use a product, just because they are "natural" and maybe very effective, but have come from a source where a being has suffered.

Some products to watch out for, if you share the same concern as me, are most supplements that are in gelatine capsules. Gelatine is a protein that comes from boiling parts of pigs or cow tendons, skin or bones with water, that ends up as a gel like substance that sticks things together. Occasionally vegetarian source gelatine is used, but this will be labeled if so. Sometimes the skin from pigs or cows are also mixed with in a certain vitamins within a supplement for example with carotenoid in the metagenics products. Eek....

In some calcium supplements, look for the source as hyroxyapitate, as this is pure bone, normally from cows. Vitamin D3 supplements are made from lanolin, an oil that is derived from sheeps wool.

This is the trickiness of labels. We must unravel them to have clarity in what we are consuming and where is has come from. Supplements in general, are natural compounds that are synthetically made in labs, to allow for therapeutic doses to be put into tablets or powders and to be able to be readily absorbed. So make sure you are taking quality products and talking to a naturopath that can help you clarify what is the best for you.

Personally I believe there is huge medicinal benefits from taking nutritional supplements when needed, but over all my love is botanical medicine; herbal tinctures, as they are that; herbs, from plants. I also love food. Real food. I believe that often we can heal ourselves through our diets alone.