My holiday kit for digestive health and emergencies.


As an avid traveller and parent I have had my fair share of experiences with stomach health issues. I'm sure you know it well too, the wonderful vacation up in Bali, that really was relaxing until you found yourself running for the bathroom constantly, doubled over in pain and whimpering like a wounded child. The most challenging experience for us, was when my daughter suffered from the aftermath of "Bali Belly" for almost 5 weeks when she was only 3. This was when I became a little obsessed at learning every option to treat naturally and medically parasite infections... there is nothing like a mother on a mission for her sick child! If you are a parent I am sure you also know what it is like to be woken up in the middle of the night, to then be covered in vomit head to toe by a sick little one... then you have to put aside the fact that you are also suddenly violently ill, to look after them, something you didn't think possible pre-children. It is not glamorous but after its all said and done, I always manage to find the humour in the situation afterwards, as we had to on our recent trip to Byron Bay!

Today I want to share my practical GIT remedies, you can use in these situations and that I always take in my holiday "first-aid" kit-for either prevention or treatment when needed!


These are fantastic to help re-balance the ecosystem that is in our digestive system, protect against intestinal pathogens, help manage infectious diarrhoea and improve immune resistance against other infections. 90% of your body’s cells are live bacteria and the majority of them have set up home in your intestines-therefor our bodies "bacterial" health and balance is very important for overall health.

When travelling I take one capsule of practitioner dairy-free brand to help resist any chance of infection and if I do fall unlucky to a bug, I increase the amount to 2-3 per day for a period of a week-3 weeks, depending on severity of the experience.

Herbal Formulations.

I either make up a liquid before I leave or I take one of the fantastic practitioner formulations, such as Paracea by Bioceuticals or Parex by Metagenics, with me. If you are travelling with children liquid is useful as you can dose according to weight and you can mix the liquid with juice/water (plus you will have so much stuff it won't matter adding a small bottle into you toiletries bag). If you are sans little ones, the tablets or capsules are always easier to travel with!

They contain a range of anti-parasitic herbs and oils including;

Wormwood and Black Walnut

Specific antiseptic for the gastrointestinal tract and great at expelling worms and parasite infestations.


Antimicrobial and a mucus membrane tonic.

Oregano Essential Oil

Antibacterial, anti-fungal and antispasmodic.

Colloidal Silver

Is created by immersing tiny particles of silver in a colloidal base solution and by using topically or ingesting, the silver ions irreversibly damage key enzyme systems in the cell membranes of pathogens. It is successfully used to kill disease, fungus, viruses and other harmful bacteria and is often used with high success rates in burn wings of hospitals.

You can take via drops or spray directly into the mouth or mixed with water.


Children respond particularly well to homeopathic treatments. These are the main ones for vomiting and diarrhoea.

Arsenicum-  Vomiting and diarrhoea with weakness or faintness. Feels chilly and restless with usually intense nausea. Feel better for external warmth and worse for cold drinks and food. Best when food poisoning is suspected.

Bryonia- Use for acute gastroenteritis when patient is much worse for movement. They vomit immediately after eating and their abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting are all worse for movement.

Ipecac-Pale face and dark rings round the eyes. No desire for food or drink. Constant nausea that is unrelieved by vomiting. Children’s diarrhoea may be like green grass or frothy.

Parasite Drainage by Medicine Tree is a practitioner brand product I love that has a combination of homeopathic remedies that work brilliantly.

If sick with a stomach bug, keep up your fluids.  If you return home and symptoms have not resolved within a couple of weeks, I recommend seeing a Naturopath and organising a Stool Analysis Test to have a thorough understanding of what is going on and professional treatment.

*Note. Seek emergency treatment if vomiting is violent, relentless and doesn't start to relieve with time.