Melissa Ambrosini on Living a Compassionate Life


Melissa Ambrosini is the straight-talking, ass-kicking, pump-you-up bestie you never had. She's on a mission to help beautiful women like you create the most vibrant, stunning, powerful version of your life possible and make you irresistible in the eyes of the person who matters most... YOU! Through her live tours, books, coaching, booming online community, game-changing programs, meditations and keynote talks, Melissa has transformed the lives of thousands across the globe. Melissa’s teaches women how to take back control of their life, master their inner Mean Girl, smash through limiting beliefs and karate chop self doubt to live the life of their dreams. She an entrepreneur, a writer, motivation speaker, self love teacher and Mean Girl ass kicker. Melissa believes true freedom start within. Once you have move passed your limiting Mean Girl beliefs you truly start to live. She is an advocate for choosing love over fear in every moment and guides people to live from their heart.


How do you incorporate compassion into your daily life?

Firstly, I am compassionate with myself. I no longer let my Mean Girl speak to me harshly — I speak to myself like I would a young child.

In terms of compassionate food choices, I make sure all the food I buy is organic and all the animal products are wild, organic and grass-fed and grass-finished.

To be more compassionate towards the planet, I recycle, I don’t use plastic bags, I sold my car, I make sure there is no waste with our food, I reuse old bottles, I try not to over-consume, I got rid of my printer so I wasn’t using paper, I buy all my books on kindle, I give away all my old clothes, I buy second-hand goods when I can, and I don’t buy things unless I absolutely love and need them.


What are 3 effective ways to affect change for the better in this world?

We are all voting with our dollar — every single time you hand over money, you are saying, I believe in this product. If you believe something is not going to support the planet, then stop buying it. Make sure every exchange of money comes from a good place and is a reflection of you and your ideals.

Something everyone can do today is make conscious choices with their food. Head to your farmers’ markets and buy organic and local where possible. Choose sustainably raised animal products and be careful with waste. I hate wasting anything — I will give food away and freeze food if I have to.


 As a meat eater, how do you avoid supporting factory farming?

I have done extensive research and I know where my animal products come from. I am good friends with my butcher — Dom at Grub inVaucluse — and have grilled him extensively about his farm practices and know that they are raised and killed as humanely as possible. It’s so important to know where your food is coming from, how it is raised and killed. Don’t stick your head in the sand — do your research!


What are three foods that you avoid and why?

After all my years of research, witnessing my clients thrive, and experimenting on myself, the diet that seems to work best for most people is one that includes lots of good quality fats (such as ghee, coconut oil, raw butter and organic grass-fed or grass-finished meats), plus reasonable amounts of protein and complex carbohydrates (like non-starchy, fibrous veggies). This is how our ancestors ate and how we are designed to eat.

So with that in mind, three things that I avoid are:

 + Gluten.

More modern illnesses can be traced back to chronic carbohydrate consumption than to any other factor. Our bodies cannot digest gluten properly, which is why there are so many people becoming more and more intolerant to it.

 + Some dairy.

I avoid all dairy except raw butter. We are the only species that drink another animal's milk. You don’t see a goat drinking cat milk, right? So why do we drink cow’s milk? It’s incredible hard for our bodies to digest — not to mention very mucus forming.

 + Sugar.

Since cutting sugar out of my diet, I have never felt better. I have more energy, clearer skin and I’m more grounded. Sugar is actually an anti-nutrient, which means that when we consume it our bodies don’t actually know what to do with it, so it leaches the missing nutrients from your skin, hair, nails and bones to help digest it and break it down.

What are your three tips for being compassionate to yourself?

Like I mentioned above, I think the biggest thing is understanding your Mean Girl — learning how to master her, and to not let her speak to you in a horrible way. That is the greatest self-love practice you can have.

Meditation is also another way I flex my Self-Love Muscle, as well as taking time out each day in nature just by myself.

I have loads of different ways to be compassionate and flex my Self Love Muscle which I keep on my Self Love Menu. You can download yours for free from my website. Check it out!

 What teachers, books, experiences are inspiring you right now?


My friends, my husband, and my little man all inspire me every day.


These are some of the books I have read this year that have inspired me:

+ Dying To Be Me, by Anita Moorjani — a truly amazing book

+ Conversations with God (book 1 and 2) by Neale Donald Walsch — mind blowing

+ The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield — awesome and easy to read

+ Warrior Pose, by Bhava Ram — one of the most inspiring books I have ever read

+ The Gita — this traditional Buddhist text is very spiritual and enlightening

+ Enlightened Sex, by David Deida — adore this book on love and sexuality

+ Women, Food and God, by Geneen Roth — an insightful take on how and why we eat


I have just spent the last three weeks in Italy feeling totally inspired by that incredible country. The food, culture, history and architecture all blew my mind. Travel is truly one of the best ways to stretch yourself and spark your senses.