Mastering Your Mean Girl... and Mine


I have a host of wonderful people in my life. Melissa Ambrosini, author and business coach, is one of them. She runs online courses, is a public speaker and self-love "guru". Her new book, "Mastering Your Mean Girl" is already a best-seller. It is a tool that, I believe, can change the way young girls will live their lives, if they get it into their hands early enough and Mel is determined to see that happen. It is also full of information and calls-to-action, for ANY aged woman, and men, on how we can start living life with more grace and JOY.  Because that cynical, negative voice we all have, doesn't serve us. And imagine what amazing services, productions, experiences would be going down if we all learnt to master that voice that holds us back.

Mel does LOTS of interviews, so, as she does, I chatted with her about her book over Skype. I found the process interesting for my own "mean girl" because when I watched the video back, "she" was rather loud.

"F#ck off! I do NOT sound like that! OMG, why am I acting so over the top and nervous? I can NOT put that up in public, people who read this blog will think I am a complete tosser!" Those were my thoughts. Hell, they still are. But I am constantly reminding myself that there are gifts in imperfection and watching others, such as Mel, overcome their "mean girls", inspires me to do the same. That is how we GROW.

As Elizabeth Gilbert says, "Perfection is just fear dressed up in really good shoes." So, remembering that this clip is not for me, nor is about what you think of me, but it is about sharing work that can benefit us all, individually and as a greater whole, and that is what I am about. I am sharing it.

I also believe there is always a learning in every experience. And how ironic that an interview about mastering your mean girl, would be exactly that for me.

So check out what Mel has to say, grab a copy of her book, and perhaps you may be inspired to do something to overcome your own "mean girl".