The Importance of Connecting To Spirit In Our Lives


Connecting to spirit looks different for each and every one of us, but in my humble opinion, it is as important to carve time out in our lives to do so, as it is to eat and sleep. What even is spirit? Spirit is above and beyond religion and is the greater "energy" that exists beyond what we can see and touch. That connects us all, that runs through all. Religion can be the way some of us do connect to spirit, but is in no way, the only way.

For me personally, I find if I go through life on my peronsal "human-mode" without checking into spirit, I make choices based more on my patterns and unconscious, sometimes going with the easiest option on what is presenting me.

Yet when I take them time to reconnect and to plug in, which for me personally looks like meditation, prayer or pranayama... I am much more in-tune with being moved by a greater power.

My asana practise is also very important to help me remove my blockages so I can feel guided more but it is just part of the journey.

The state of our planet would indicate that we are in need of big shifts, and practically speaking none of us are going to last forever and we never know when we are going to pass to the next stage or come into hardships in life but at times we do because this is part of life. And the gift of getting out of our own way and having the deep sense, the knowing that there is more than just the physical, brings great comfort, support and inspiration in these bumpy times. Ultimately, being in relationship with spirit helps us live to our greatest potential.

It is at the risk of sounding a little woo woo and being associated with Professor Trewlany from Harry Potter.... BUT I put it out there, because I know it changes the way I AM. Because it gets me back to me, removing all the gloop that clouds me at times, that I might not even realise is clouding me...

By taking the time to mediate and practice pranayama, to prayer and BE, you can become more sensitive to the subtle and this can allow you to GIVE and RECEIVE with a clearer frequency. Herbs, nutrition, exercise, work - yes, they are all important but connecting to spirit, I believe, is one of the most healing, powerful practises for health and wellbeing.

We all have a sacred duty in this life, what we are here to contribute to the world and the manner we do it, this is our svadharma. Each of us has the Divine express itself through us in a unique way and the more we TUNE IN to spirit, we can hear the calling in our heart louder, we can FEEL it more clearly - so that we can then life in a way that is true to us.