I would rather go naked. And I did.


The first time I was exposed to an anti-fur campaign was as a 17 year old at fashion week, when a group of activists jumped onto the catwalk with signs that read "I'd rather go naked then wear fur". I was in awe. I couldn't believe that someone would dare to put themselves in the spotlight  and speak out against an atrocity in such a public way. Yet something in me stirred and was ignited. It's not my style to jump on to a stage, but a few years later when the opportunity came through my work at the time to voice my strong stand against fur, I took it. Getting my arse out in public was no easy thing for me to do, but I would do it again in a heartbeat for the cause... and I am betting would you too if you watch the videos below. Please do.



I was surprised to see more than a handful of prominent women in the health and wellness industry wearing fur at a function I attended last week. These are educated, strong women who are dedicating their lives to improving the health and wellbeing of others - yet somehow had a blind spot to the being that gave the fur that hung from their shoulders! Either they are ignorant about how fur is produced and the suffering this causes to the animals involved, or they don't care. I hope it's the former and through shedding the light on this important issue, they are able to make kinder fashion choices. I am not claiming that everyone should become vegan, but fur really is a no-brainer. Drinking your green smoothies doesn't cancel out the torture your fashion choices caused (or are causing) to another being.

Yes, it feels soft, and it may look "fashionable", but s**t... have you not seen how it got to become a jacket?! Maybe not. So I urge you, if you do wear fur, or know someone who does, check out the clips in this blog. At least understand what you are supporting by wearing it.


The fur trade is no walk in the park. It is beyond cruel. I am not even going to write about it in detail because in this case the videos really get the point across....  beautiful wild animals trapped, caged, deprived, tortured, electrocuted and or skinned alive... how is that jacket feeling right now? Worth it? How fashionable can you feel when you begin to comprehend the pain and suffering that has been caused to make it?

I have watched hundreds of undercover animal welfare videos and am pretty removed, even in my passion these days. But still I cry with a deep pain when I watch footage from fur farms. I am not the only one. There is a growing list of retailers, brands and public figures that say no to fur - check out the list at the bottom of the page.