Happy Cows


This three-minute video is a delight to watch and will leave you with a smile on your face and maybe a new view on the humble cow. When moments like these are captured, it throws a light on the depth of feelings that animals experience. They feel joy and can express this, as we see in this video. On the flip side they are also capable of feeling pain and suffering.

Society has disengaged with individual desires of animals, especially those ones we eat. Out of site, out of mind.  The manner in which we force them to exist in factory farms, completely ignores any of their basic instincts, denying them of any happiness in their short lives and instead inflicting constant unnecessary pain.

We know when our pet dog is happy when we walk him as he runs about playfully, wagging his tail. We give him affection and it is returned. We know when our dog is down with his whimpering or howling and by his behaviour. It is socially acceptable to acknowledge that our pet dogs and cats have feelings and that they should be cared for, treated correctly and protected from harm. No one ( except sickos) would dream of keeping their dog in a pen, so small that he couldn't even turn around for months at a time ( sow stalls) or keeping him in a shed with thousands of other dogs, so squashed they have to stand in their own squalor, never breathing in fresh air or going outside ( chickens).  These farm animals also express their enjoyment and distress in their own ways- we just don't get to see it- so removed from them we are, in our busy city lifestyles. Thats why I love videos like this one!

It is time to acknowledge the basic desires and rights of the rest of the animals.

If you do eat meat, you can do this by taking the time to find out where your meat comes from and how it was raised. Consider buying organic meat and making a stand for respecting the feelings of the animals whom you consume.

It is the least we can do.

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