Exchanging Energy With Our Food


What are your thoughts on energy and our ability to experience/share/exchange others energy with whom we interact with? Call me sensitive, but when I am around someone who is really angry, I can feel it, and when I am around someone who is depressed, I can sense it. I am certainly not alone in this, very normal sensation of "picking up on energy". The energy can intensify when large groups of people take on similar emotions, such as joy (think about the buzz at festivals) or such as fear. Fear can be contagious and spread like chicken pox. Just think about what happens when the economy crashes or after major terrorist attacks, or even now with the vibe around the US election right now, especially with the help of the media, the sensation that ripples through society of anxiety and fear can multiply and manifest even more greatly. The outlook and attitude of a whole industry, city — or even country — can be influenced.

And what about the actual physical response when we are in the state of fear, panic or suffering? We experience a flood of hormones such as adrenaline, norepinephrine and cortisol, which all directly affect our physical states further and lead to poor health and poor vitality.

What if we were to add to this, the physical response when we are literally in life-threatening situations. I don't even want to imagine the sensation...

Now, think about if someone has been under a state of stress to the point of torture for their whole life, and are then forced to witness those around them be killed — to hear their cries, to smell their blood and to know, they are trapped and it would soon be their fate. What type of energy would they be radiating?  I don't think we can even argue that that situation would induce;

1. A physical response of fear hormones and

2. An emotional/energetic response to such fear.

This is what animals who are raised for our appetites, are forced to experience... and then we eat them...

And their fear. 

animals fear you eat that fear

animals fear you eat that fear

What about organically raised meat? I visited plenty of amazing organic farms throughout Australia, and I can honestly say, these farms raise their animals with such care and allow them a quality of life where they can fulfil their instincts. However, when they are slaughtered, they still experience terror. Australia does not have "organic" slaughterhouses and if producers want to sell their meat to butchers, they must kill their animals in these standard slaughter houses, where the lines are fast and the experience is traumatic, and undercover investigations show that animals often slip though conscious, and are often treated brutally.

Some friends with farms, who only sell directly to customers, are able to gently lead the animals from the herd and then kill the animals quickly with none of the long haul trips, being poked by electric prods, the smells and sounds that come with witnessing mass killings...it is better, yes. Personally, I believe a life is a life. Would I prefer to be shot in the head quickly without knowing, rather than watching my family and others be killed around me first and having to endure the sensation of being trapped, moved and prodded? Sure. But still, in the end, I would be dead. No matter how your meat gets to your plate, an animal's life has been taken unwillingly. So for me, I am still going to continue living vegan because I don't need to take another's life to still live a healthy one myself, but for others who are not willing to stop eating meat, I encourage them to spend sometime thinking about how the meat got to their plate and,

Are you OK with consuming their fear?

Their terror? Whether it be energetically or physically in the flesh that was once their body, if the animal has been slaughtered at a slaughter house (which unless you are getting your meat directly from a farmer, they have) then know that meat holds an element of fear and stress within it. And when you ingest that, I pose the question, where does that fear go?

This may be a little "esoteric" for some but even "top-quality meat producers" are aware due to research, that stress among livestock affects the quality of meat as regards tenderness, perishability and colour and that stress in the animals alters protein composition, vitamin content and minerals. So research confirms the obvious, that animals can experience stress and fear and it does affect the physicality of the meat.

After practising yoga, tantra and mediating for over a decade, and perhaps just being a woman, I can hold my hand over my heart and say I truly believe in "energy," our connection with each other and the exchange of energy that takes place in life, (even at the risk of sounding "woo woo".)  Maybe picking up on the energy of the flesh of a dead animal is a little more fine tuned than between people, however it is an energy exchange never-the-less.

Perhaps if you choose to still consume animal meat, then you may want to spend more time looking into what type of life and death the animals you are eating have experienced... if not for the sake of them, for the sake of your own ( and your families) energetic field.

There are many videos out there of what goes on behind the walls of a slaughterhouse. If you choose to eat meat, no matter how stomach churning, you really ought to have a look and see how it sits with you in an honest conversation with yourself. For a better understanding the book Slaughterhouse is worth everyone reading, and the below links and clips.

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