How The Elephants and Orangutans Need Our Help


For the last month I have written a few articles for One Green Planet and want to share a couple of them with you. What really got my heart beating when I was researching about the elephants and the orang-utans, is that the outlook for their future  is gloomy and devastatingly that future is estimated to become a reality within as little as a decade. I'm talking gone from the wild - and these estimations are not scare-tactics, we already are seeing many of the beautiful large species declining to the point of no return, and I cannot sit back and believe we will not try what we can to prevent this happening to these such incredible creatures like the elephant! Please read them, share them and do what is in your power to stand for them.

Time to Get Real. If Elephants Go Extinct … an Entire Ecosystem Will go With Them

"Heartbreakingly, 35,000 – 50,000 are slaughtered annually for their ivory tusks — which means population levels are falling and heading for extinction. With optimistic estimates putting the elephant population figure at under half a million, at the rate they are being killed, elephants will be extinct in twenty short years..." Read more on the blog.


Wake Up! Orangutans Could be Completely Extinct in 10 Years Because of Our Snacks

"However earlier this year Greenpeace slammed major corporations for continuing to source their palm oil grown from deforested lands. These brands include PepsiCo, Johnson & Johnson and Colgate-Palmolive, all of whom are very aware of the consequences occurring from supporting these unsustainable sourcing practices and all of whom have the purchasing power to make impactful change..." ( On palm oil, read more on the blog.)