Earth By Anna; Cruelty Free Fashion and Travel Tips


Anna Weatherlake may be married to one of Australia's high profile cricketers, but she is more than just the stereo-type pretty wife ( a notion which is actually pretty outdated anyway) She happens to be savy, smart and also is gorgeous - which  makes her stunning Instagram platform like looking at a magazine - where thousands of people are being inspired to live a plant-based life, and Anna is showing them it is possible to do so and still travel, eat well and look beautiful! @earthbyanna She goes into deeper detail on her helpful blog, Earth By Anna which I love for beauty tips!

You and your partner are now part of the team at Voiceless, can you share your path of what lead you in this direction?

Sids and I have shared a joint passion for animal rights for the last five years and Voiceless has always been an organisation that we have passionately supported. I am a lifelong vegetarian and went vegan about six years ago and Sids has been on his own plant-based journey for almost five years. Animal rights has always been something we have felt strongly about and when the opportunity arose to be involved with the Voiceless team and speak out on issues that were of great concern to us, it was something we jumped at. Both Sids and I believe all lives matter, regardless of species, and if we can do anything to help those suffering at the hand of man, then we do so with pleasure and without hesitation.

What does cruelty-free fashion mean to you?

Cruelty-free fashion to me is something that I feel very passionately about. Most people often associate living a cruelty-free lifestyle as just keeping animal products off their plate, however it goes much deeper than that.

 I really don’t believe taking the life or lives of animals for the sake of a piece of clothing or an accessory is right under any circumstance, especially when there are so many fantastic alternatives on the market.

So many people don’t know about the processes of the leather, silk and wool industries and I hope with time these will become more known and more people will look to seek out cruelty-free and more environmentally friendly alternatives. Personally, I like to think I have a beautiful wardrobe full of a range of items from both high-end and lower-end designers and brands and I feel happy knowing that no other sentient being has suffered for anything in my wardrobe. I hope I can encourage others to think more compassionately about their choices not only on their plate, but in their wardrobes as well.


Can you give some advice to those wanting to still be fashionable but not support the leather industry?

These days it is so easy to be stylish whilst at the same time avoiding materials, or skins, such as leather. The cruelty-free fashion market has seen exponential growth in the last five or so years and as a consequence we are continuing to see amazing, innovative new vegan leathers such as Pinatex and MuSkin hit the market. Not only are they made without killing an animal, but they are sustainable and environmentally friendly as well, making them kinder and healthier for our planet. With that in mind, there are so many brands and designers that offer top quality vegan leather products. Designers like Stella McCartney, Angela & Roi, Denise Roobol and so many others continue to push the boundaries with their products and strive to change public opinion that leather is of better quality than its cruelty-free alternatives. It’s not. Shop smart and do your research and you will be pleasantly surprised at how many brands and products you can get that haven’t used any cruelty to create their finished product.

Do you have some favourite beauty products and cosmetics that are cruelty-free?

I do nearly all of my shopping for beauty and cosmetic products on Neena , which is an entirely cruelty-free and vegan website. I am a big fan of Hot Tresses and Yarok hair products, I use a range of Indie Lee, Simple as That and Herbivore products for my face, Luna Bronze for my body and Ere Perez and Jane Iredale for my makeup. I always chop and change my skincare and makeup products and for me the convenience of shopping on a website like Neena, knowing that everything is cruelty-free and vegan, gives me that flexibility to pick and choose as I please.

You travel a lot - do you have any tips for travelling as a vegan?

I’ve been very lucky to spend a lot of time travelling with (and without) Sids and I’ve been to some very random places all over the world. Before I go anywhere, I really like to do my research on the places I’m going to be travelling too. One of my favourite things to do when I’m on the road is eat and I really enjoy exploring cities and seeing what they have to offer in terms of vegan food.

Before I go anywhere, I always search the area I’m going to on the Happy Cow app and see what comes up. I’ll make a list of all the places I want to try and then make an effort to try a different one every day. I also like to use Instagram, which is an amazing platform to use for inspiration. Depending on where I’m off too, I’ll often search hashtags like #vegansoflondon or #londonvegan (for example) and more often than not, thousands of images will come up of vegan food, places to shop and things to do. The vegan community is great at sharing information.

I also google things like ‘Best Vegan Food London’ etc and more often than not, blogs come up with amazing reviews of restaurants and cafes which are really helpful.

Your partner is a professional cricketer and survives on a plant-based diet - yet many people still are under the illusion that men - especially athletes need meat to be at the optimum. Can you talk about what your thoughts and experiences are regarding this?

Peter was raised as a meat eater and knew no other way of eating until we became friends many years ago. Obviously I was an influence in his decision to turn plant-based, however he did a lot of research and turned to many other very successful vegan athletes for advice before he made the switch. Sids has said that since making the change he has never felt better. He is fitter, he is stronger, he never gets sick and his recovery time after matches has shortened dramatically and he wishes he had done it sooner. He places a lot more emphasis on his health and how his body feels these days and when you’re an athlete, I think doing that is really important.

There are about five other Australian cricketers who are now either vegetarian or vegan and by Sids switching to a vegan diet it has opened the eyes of many others to how beneficial it can be for your health.

What are three of the most effective ways to affect change?

Lead by example. That is a big one!

Also, think wisely about where you spend your money and on what.

And when an opportunity arises, educate people on the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. So many people just simply aren’t aware about the issues animals and the environment face today.