Down Jackets; Warm but not Cool


France was spectacular but cold. As I normally escape on a holiday during our winters, this time I was actually looking forward to dressing up in all the great winter fashion and buying a new great winter coat for myself and my little ones. (Mini over-coats are just too cute!) When shopping for coats I want them to keep me warm and look cool but just as important for me, I want to know that I am not wearing something that has been made by causing pain, suffering or death to any being. This means no leather, no fur, nothing from child labor and nothing made with down.

Down, is the soft layer of feathers from ducks and geese. I have to admit it was not something I thought about for the first few years after becoming conscious of the issues with factory farming industries.( I am still continuously learning, which is why sharing correct information, research and footage is so important!)

Down is soft. It is warm. Snuggling up in a down doona felt great until I started to get major allergies and realise the problem that those soft feathers have to be pulled out of live birds, often a few times a year. They are pulled hard, leaving the birds with bloody wounds, often opening up the skin.


The other major downer about down is that the ducks or geese are most often kept in factory farms where thousands of them are kept in artificial environments, crammed together in sheds or worse, small filthy cages inside those sheds and completely deprived of water to bath and clean in.

Im not cool with that, especially when I can have beautiful organic cotton doonas and jackets. There are also amazing synthetic fabrics now that keep you warm, dry and look great. Ill post some photos of some pieces we found that are alternatives to down in the coming week.

Check out this 2 minute video by Alicia Silverstone on whats up with down.

As for close to home, I went to the website of the biggest down producer in Australia, Luv-a-Duck and found it interesting that they have a large notice ordered by the Federal Court of Australia on how they performed false and misleading conduct. They claimed in packaging and websites that their duck meat and down came from ducks that

a.processed from ducks that spent at least a substantial amount of their time outdoors
b.processed from ducks that that were grown in a spacious outdoor environment
c.of a different quality than products processed from barn-raised ducks;
when in fact the ducks grown by Luv--Duck did not spend any of their time outside of their barn

That is lying to consumers. I certainly would not want to support a company who did this, even if I did use down!