Cold Pressed Juice Fast


My husband and I love cold-pressed juices and are super excited that they are readily available around Sydney now. We do a 3 or 5 day juice fast once a year to give our bodies a real chance to cleanse and rejuvenate. Then every month we will do a one day juice fast simply because we feel so good afterwards and its like a regular clean out of the system. We use Lucky You in Sydney as we find their juices the best for us but have also enjoyed them from Urban Remedy and Orchard Street. They deliver 6-8 juices per day to your door, that makes it so easy! Cold pressed juice fasts are great for you because it gives the liver, kidneys and intestines a chance to have a break from the constant work of processing foods and any other nasties like sugar, caffeine and alcohol that you may normally consume. The juices are packed full of nutrients that are readily absorbed and  have not been damaged from any heat, like in normal juicers.

In Paris we relaxed on our normally very healthy diet and allowed the coffee, bread and sugar to slip in in small amounts. That combined with the rotten jet lag was enough for us both to be craving a mini clean out when we returned. However we flew straight to Perth to visit family, so we had to hope someone was onto in the west side!

Luckily we found Perth Raw Foodies. They offer raw food classes and a 3 day juice cleanse! Woohoo!

So we jumped on board and the juices are fantastic and after day two I feel so much cleaner.

Clinton Smith who runs the business with his wife, is an inspiring individual and certainly is a good example of how a raw food, plant based diet with lots of cold pressed juices leaves you full of energy and looking good.

I look forward to chatting with him more and checking out the raw food class when next in town.

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