Clean Breakfast for the Children


Five days into "cleaning up my children's diets" and we are going well. We have had no problem at all cutting out the bad stuff aka "treats" ( note how stuffed up we are that we tell our children the food that will make them feel bad is a "treat"!!). I need more time and dedication to come up with new protein fueled meals for my fussy little man though! Here are the photos of healthy breakfasts that the kids have been eating this week as we have given the cornflake box and vegemite the flick.

photo 3 copy

Organic flaxseed bread with ABC nut butter spread, avocado, tomato and rocket.


photo 1 copy

Organic oat,nut and fruit muesli, chia seeds, LSA, strawberries and Organic Barambah Natural Yoghurt


Oat or Quinoa Porridge with LSA, a tiny sprinkle of seed mix and a dash of maple syrup with almond milk


Breakfast Wrap. Scrambled Organic Eggs, Tomato, Avocado, Baby Spinach. Jay likes grated carrot and spinach instead of the tomato and avo..Kids love making these themselves!


photo 5 copy


Dipper Organic Eggs with flaxseed bread "soldiers" Side of fresh vegetables.


photo 4 copy


My children wake often before 6am, so before school we need "second breakfast". A big bowl of fruit works a treat.




photo 3 copyChild friendly green smoothies.

Fresh coconut water and flesh, handful of ice, banana, one stalk of kale, almond meal( whole almonds make "bitty bits that my kids don't like), UDO's oil or flaxseed oil or coconut oil, avocado, tablespoon of blackstrap molasses( high iron content), large scoop of Sprouted Rice Protein Powder.