Choosing Cruelty-Free Make-up that works


I would like to say that my healthy lifestyle means I wake up looking so fresh that I don't even need makeup... but that few years with little-to-no sleep with my babies, the natural ageing process and Australia's wonderful yet fierce sun, takes its toll. A little help in the way of some concealer, blush and mascara goes a long way to helping this mamma look closer to how I feel every morning! It is easy to be swayed to buy cosmetics from big brands with huge sexy campaigns behind them; hell yea if that foundation is going to give me skin like Jennifer Lopez then bring it on... however I encourage you to remember the dark side is that is not mentioned on the fashionable billboards, in the designer shops or supermarket isles. The majority of makeup is full of toxic materials that our skin absorbs especially if we are using it on a daily basis.  While I joke about not looking as good as I feel, ultimately there is really no use in having all these cosmetics that make you look stunning if overtime there are going to play a part in making you feel bad internally. Pregnant woman should also remember that the growing child inside you is very sensitive to what goes in and that includes what you put on your face.

The other painful hidden problem is the crazy, tortuous testing on animals that still occurs with many make-up brands.

Luckily there are numerous companies now out there doing the right thing; creating beautiful products that still help cover the bags under my eyes after nights of playing musical beds, (you might need to be a mum to get this one) giving woman the long lashes and glossy lips we desire without forcing animals to endure unnecessary suffering in animal tests and slowly poisoning our insides with toxic ingredients.

As always, when choosing a brand watch out for tricky labelling and be aware that while some companies claim they don't test on animals the owning brand does; this is true of Body Shop who are actually owned by Loreal, who are terrible with animal testing!  If products are sold in China right now, then they must be tested on animals by the law there, so unfortunately that means they really are also not cruelty-free!

The make-up brands I know and love are below. I encourage you to give them a go next time you are buying beauty products! If you can choose to put something on your face that is good for you and doesn't hurt animals in the process of being made AND it works to help you look good, then why wouldn't you?

If you know of any others I would love to hear from you.



100% vegan

Favourites are their foundations. (My beautiful and fashionable friend, Bec Judd raved about their Liquid foundation, so its got work well!)

Check them out.



100% vegan

Favourites are their mascaras and lipsticks.

Find their products here.



100% vegan.

Favourites are their loose foundation, eye liner and obsessed with their Lip Glosses.

Have a look here.



Everything is vegan apart from the black and brown mascaras and lipsticks as they contain beeswax. However if you are not worried about beeswax apparently the mascara are wonderful and are not full of nasties.

Favourites; Pure Rice Bondi Blush and Pure Rice Bronze Tone

Check them out here.