Awareness; From Yoga to Daily Living


Yoga is continuously teaching me. It is my greatest tool I have been given in this life and one I am for ever grateful for each time I finish my practise. By coming to my mat daily over a sustained period, it has and continues to, take me on an inward journey to explore my internal nature, as well as giving me physical strength. The combination of movement and attention that yoga requires needs a certain amount of self-awareness. By experiencing and fostering this on the mat, it is then often (hopefully) taken off the mat into our daily lives. I feel like this is of utter importance if we want to live life to our fullest potential and be a positive influence on this planet, rather than a destructive one. So often we get busy and make our decisions on auto-pilot, which can mean they come from learned behaviours and patterns that have been passed down to us from circumstance, from parents, teachers and peer groups; without even having a deeper awareness that these decisions, theses choices, might not reflect our Truth.

Do you ever stop and think;

What am I doing?  Why am I doing it?


Yoga requires these questions of us if it is going to be an inner quest for growth and evolution. As we move in between and into our asana's we have to be in conscious awareness but not from our mind, which is often clouded with doubts and opinions, more from our body and an observing silence. What am I doing and why am I doing it? Our body can be the doer and the brain be the observer. Our mind can then receive messages from the body when we are in tune and then, with reflective intelligence, be the guide when refining what next action to take.

This awareness brings energy, it brings a sense of listening and receiving as well as creating. With each decision we make, we are creating our future after all. And as a collective this will influence the way the world will look to our children and our children's children. I believe that without this awareness we can head into trouble but with it, we are capable of magnificent healing, innovative design, spreading kindness and most importantly living from our hearts.


We can bring this awareness to all our choices in life. When we choose what to eat, have we thought why it is we are consuming it? Is it because we want instant gratification and don't care about the ramifications; whether they be ill health or cruelty to animals? Is it out of habit or have you never questioned buying another brand or checking the ingredients or finding out how it was made. Next time you go shopping or order a meal, why not try asking yourself What am I doing and why am I doing it? 

It can come into our relationships with others and how we react to situations. When you are present from a reflective stillness, even when you are active, you can often sense your body giving you signals to what is serving you and what would do you better to move away from.

Explore the place between the known and unknown. Who knows what you may discover.

For myself, it is a forever learning journey and one I often feels begins for me when I am sweating it out on my mat. Thank God for yoga!

TCR yoga