It's All In The Attitude; Abundance Over Scarcity


What is the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning? Or the thoughts that swim around your mind before you fall asleep? What are the automatic reactions that you have throughout your day, as you incur setbacks or hiccups - as we all do as we travel through life. These moments can be what paints the background of our art piece, that give our life the tone of the overall picture. Often we are not even aware what pallet we are choosing because it is like we are letting the canvas be painted while we are turned the other way. This is what autopilot can be like. It is not the thoughts we are having when we are present or focused; they are instead those sneaky, programmed catch-phrases that pollute our mind and can mess up the whole damn masterpiece.

For me I have to be uber conscious of falling back into old, hardwired reactions when life doesn't run smoothly, because for a large chunk of my life that is what was presented to me as the way the world worked. Generally after years of working on myself, I have a positive excited outlook but there is no denying how I was raised, and it means when I am tired or things haven't gone the way I wanted them to, I have to dig deep and kick myself in the butt when I start the old generalising tape running with the scarcity attitude, such as that I should "expect such let-downs" or my old favourite nugget of "See - what's the point."

What it comes down to is reprogramming ourselves to have


abundant attitude over one of scarcity. 

When we are in scarcity mode it can look and feel like we are lacking. The general vibe is "not enough of" .......(fill in the blank).

Not pretty enough, not enough money, not popular enough, house not big enough, not enough clothes, not enough at work, not smart enough, not a good enough mother, tummy not flat enough, husband not loving enough, kids not grateful enough, creative project not recognised enough... goodness the list could continue.

And this scarcity attitude seeps into our media, schools and workplaces. The news is filled with the horror stories of where we are lacking peace or solutions (even though there are plenty of examples just not reported), commercials target our "weak spots" triggering our "not enough" reactions to stimulate us to feel the need to fill the so-called voids and social media is a platform that feeds our sense of lack by presenting only the shiney images of life. At schools children are marked and ranked according to ability - and made known when they are not at expected standards, or at the standards of their peers, and so begins the comparison and scarcity thief of happiness and confidence in "what we do have."

Yet when we flick the switch to the abundant attitude it can be like turning on the lights and allowing us to see the most amazing aspects of life that were always there but hidden in the shadows of scarcity. When you are looking at what you don't have, you completely miss the amazingness of what you do and when you only are seeing what is not happening, you are blind to the possibilities that could be right in front of you! The attitude of scarcity literally robs the joy from our life. 

When we experience life though the abundance looking-glass you are able to bounce back from setbacks so much easier and faster, and you don't take them on board as personal attacks. When we see what we do have and we appreciate the opportunities we have got, the gratitude and creativity that swells is contagious. It leaks over into all areas of our lives. I'm not talking about only the big things either - I am talking about the little things that we often take for granted or don't even notice because they were not "enough" to meet our expected criteria. You will be amazed at the flow-on effect this small, yet life changing attitude shift can have.

Where to begin?

I think by making it a practice both when you first wake up and before you go to bed is the best way you can begin this switch in attitude because it is in these times we can set the tone for our day to come, or is what our nervous system remembers as we fall asleep to rest.

Then it takes becoming conscious throughout your day of the recordings that are played over and over again, the white noise in our monkey-minds. Once you are aware, then comes the fun in catching yourself each time you fall back into habitual "not enough" emotional knee jerk reactions. Stop, take a few deep breaths and rewire how you want that masterpiece called your life to be experience. YOU are the one in power.

This practice reclaims your personal power, reclaims your choice for joy and can truly open doors that were closed or just not seen.

It is a choice, but one that requires us to stand in our sacred ground and do the work - daily. It gets easier with time, consistency and as you see the way your life can be experienced for the better. As opportunities literally are presented to you that you didn't think possible before, you will be committed to seeing the abundance in all aspect in your life. Funnily enough, the more you do, the more life will deliver.