An Apple a Day


Our family love apples. We eat a lot of them. My children loved them pureed as babies, they eat them as snacks now, cut up, whole and put into porridge in the morning. They are crisp, sweet, easy and wholesome.They are high in fiber, potassium and contain Vitamin C and B Vitamins. If you want less sweet you can go the good old green apple!

Nothing added. Well, so you think....

Conventional apples have been found to contain some of the highest residues of toxic pesticides. The Environmental Working Group studies tens of thousands of fruit and vegetables and has made a list of the 12 worst fruit and vegetables that retain pesticides and the cleanest 15 that don't.  Apples is at the top of the worst list!!

98 percent of their samples contained over 48 different pesticides.

We buy organic when ever we can... at least 80 percent of the time- something I want to step up this year.

This list is great as we can use it as a rule to always buy organic for those fruit and vegetables that contain the most harmful chemical, that personally I don't want my children ingesting. It can also be used for those who may not financially be able to afford organic all the time, but you can be selective.

Don't be fooled thinking Australia is different from USA. Conventional Farming techniques and pesticide use is similar across the board. Australia uses over 300 pesticides on its fruit and vegetable crops.

Are you buying organic apples from now on!?

Check out the lists here.