The AMAZING chef, Tracy Noelle Shares Shojin Ryorui.


Don't you love it when the universe provides you what you have been praying for! I meet Tracy at a dinner party ( a Mexican vegan one at that) one night after I had spent all week talking about how I would love to have someone like-minded and as passionate about educating others in how fun and healthy a cruelty-free life can be, to join me on The Compassionate Road. Tracy is an amazing chef and vegan - and while I love cooking (and I am a little obsessed with food photography and styling), creating recipes is not my forte... so what a perfect meeting ours was! She is going to be sharing her magic with you all via the recipe link on the blog and letting me fumble and play by taking photos of her wonderful creative dishes! I trust you will enjoy them as much as I do. Tracy is a private plant based chef creating healthy and compassionate meals for families and individuals across Sydney, Australia and California. With a strong background in culinary arts, plant based nutrition and psychology, she has assisted those in need of making dietary changes for health and ethical reasons a pleasant and delicious lifestyle choice. You can contact her at for more information on plant based cuisine. DSC_4697-1

Her first recipes she is sharing on the blog are inspired from her recent trip to Japan, based on the concept of Shojin Ryori.

Shojin Ryori is a term for Japanese Buddhist vegetarian cuisine focusing on the utilization of seasonal produce and preparing it with minimal seasoning and minimal wastage. Subtly prepared, seasonal flavors can naturally shine through. Practicing gratitude for receiving the meal and mindfulness during consumption are instrumental in consuming this cuisine.

Nutritional balance, flavor and color are all strongly considered during preparation and care is taken not to generate any wastage. Buddhist monks believe that all sentient beings can achieve enlightenment, therefore animal products are forbidden in this type of cooking. I love this concept!

Check them out, they are so simple but insanely yum

Home-made dashi base and Miso soup

Japanese Cucumber Salad with Miso Dressing 

Salted Caramel Sauce with Miso