A Mothers Milk; Dairy


I stopped drinking milk way before I became vegan simply because I made the connection that I felt terrible after drinking it. Cheese was another story for me. I loved it and if it was near me I would inhale it, slice after slice, not caring if if I felt sluggish. I knew it was not healthy for me from my studies but my taste buds were ruling over my mind. What ultimately won my brain and taste buds over, was my heart.

Dairy comes from cows milk. They only produce milk when they are pregnant, therefor for financial reasons in dairy farms, they are kept on a relentless cycle of pregnancy and milk production until they wear out and are replaced by a newer model at around the age of 3 or 4. In this time they have their babies removed from them after the first week,again and again, which for a mammal who has proven very strong maternal bonds, must cause great suffering. I know some will say they are "just cows" but I am a Mumma, so I know the universal law, don't keep a mother away from her child. (unless they are one of those weird species that eat their own young;)

The babies they birth, either grow into the newer milk making models if they are the "lucky" females or for the unlucky male calves, they are unwanted,  unfortunate waste products as they don't grow like the beef calves and so are killed within a few days. Millions and millions of them. These male calves also have to experience 30 hours with no milk before slaughter as they are transferred from farms to slaughter houses. Traumatic.

So that seems to me that a whole lot of extra animals are loosing their families and lives just for me to be fattening up my thighs with my "yummy" cheese slices and olives.

The problems with dairy go deeper than this, but I think this and the below photos really are a good quick summery of why I don't eat dairy.

However, my young children are vegetarian not vegan. They eat organic yoghurt and organic cheese on their pizzas, as well as organic eggs. I will be exploring organic dairy farms in more depth as part of my journey on this blog and look forward to sharing it.


And for fun check out Pinks great film clip... her insight to humans drinking cows milk.