Considering Saying Nup To The Cup?


Would you buy a dog from a shop that you knew was killing ‘excess’ dogs?

Would you watch a race with elephants, if you knew hundreds of them were killed every year during those races?

Would you dress up and drink champagne to be entertained by humans who were often trained by methods that inflicted pain to make them run faster? 

What about if these companies were making billions of dollars per year off gambling, and then lying to you about how these beings were treated? How would that make you feel? 

I think most people would first and foremost feel like saying no to playing any part in supporting such companies.  

Which is the truth also for why more and more people are saying Nup To The Cup this year – because they don’t want to be part of – to support – the killing of thousands of “excess” horses per year. 

They do not want to condone the death of hundreds of horses during the races each year – being killed literally on the track behind a screen, while on lookers sip their cocktails. (The below is a list of those who have died this year in Australia on tracks. In the past 6 Melbourne Cups, 6 horses have died during the race.)


They no longer turn a blind eye to the use of whips, and the many investigations that show the use of much crueller tactics, that are used to make the horses run faster. 

 Saying Nup To The Cup is saying, “that doesn’t sit right with me”. 

There are also others, with numbers growing, that also feel saddened and angry that the horse racing industry – who makes billions (19 billion last year) 600 million on Melbourne Cup - have done nothing to protect these race horses. 

The promised and allocated funds to creating a rehoming program 3 years ago. Nothing has started… 

Thousands are instead slaughtered. In the ABC expose, we watched the graphic heartbreaking footage of one prestigious race horse after another, killed in order to be fed to dogs or exported for meat. 

 I won’t go on today other than to ask you to create 40 minutes of your time to watch The Final Race and then to check out the CPR website to learn more.

 Three things may happen…

  • You may feel sick, cry and get rather fired up and want to DO SOMETHING to help these horses that are being let down. DO it. Find a manner that you can help, whether it be signing petitions, holding rallies, heck, helping re-home a horse! Find a way that works for you.

  • You may realise you feel uncomfortable with what you have learnt and think twice about joining celebrations tomorrow. You don’t have to do anything drastic to step aside and silently demonstate your view on cruelty to horses by not supporting it. This is powerful in itself. #nuptothecup

  •  You may not like what you see. (No one could possibly approve of what is exposed in this program unless they are a psychopath) but you will make some excuses because its fun going to the races. Because you don’t harm the horses ‘personally’… that’s cool. Because not everyone treats their horses like that - even if it is systemic…Lots of my friends still go…(lots also no longer do) and I still love them. But I ask of you to be present to what happens behind the scenes now you know, and to ask yourself while you are there how it sits with you? 

 It is not always easy the first time you boycott a party or that your friends are all going to. It can be hard to stand up in front of peers, it can be confronting - for ourselves and for others...

It is also worth it to be able to sleep at night knowing you made the right decision by your values.

The right decsions are not always the easy ones. 

But if you read the facts, watch the investigations and then, as simple as it sounds, listen to your heart, you know what is right and what is wrong.