My Favourite Cruelty-Free & Natural Beauty Products

vegan beauty product

It has been a couple of years since I have wrote anything about cruelty-free beauty. In that time I feel like there has been such an advance in quality of products, and thankfully, the combined benefit of many of these products also being natural and sustainable. Woohoo.

In general when I am looking for a product I firstly make sure it is not tested on animals. I don’t need to really explain this one - testing on animals is cruel and unnecessary.

Secondly I want to make sure I am not putting a bomb of chemicals on myself. Now I have to be transparent, I am not a purist. I aim for 90-10. 90 percent of my life is healthy and clean. Then there is room for 10 percent to be a little wild, messy and well, not as natural as it could be. This is where I draw the line. Why? Because I dont like feeling totally restricted I guess, and sometimes to be honest, the natural products have not YET worked. I am talking about covering my grey hairs. I go to a “natural salon” where all the products are animal friendly and they avoid the more harsh of the chemicals, but yep, there are still chemicals in what covers those stubborn greys. The perfume I wear every day is a natural oil, but on the rare occasion I like my “chemical” perfume. The key I think is making sure we are not using the heavy chemical base products as our go-tos. They are absorbed by our skin and overtime this can cause some major issues. Also in general we wash away products and they end up in our water ways and that is no good for anyone.

Lastly, when I am choosing a product, I want to make sure it is effective. It does me no good to have a foundation that is cruelty-free, and natural if I wear it and look like a cakey mess, or the natural deodorants that make me smell worse. No thanks.

The below are my go-to’s. I’m not a fashion blogger, so I don’t claim that you should use these to look like a glamazon. But I do know that I am very happy with them, to help cover the growing sun-spots on my ageing skin, the circles under my eyes and help make this mama-bear feel like I look closer to how I feel:) Simple, practical recommendations for anyone wanting some great natural and cruelty-free products that work. It may not be as explosive as a blog on animal welfare; but what we choose to wear on our face everyday has a major affect to helping changing the standards of testing on animals - and of courses our health and the planet. So I encourage you to make some simple swaps next time you are shopping for a new beauty range.


Inika Liquid Foundation with Hyaluronic Acid



RMS Beauty “Un-Cover up” ( they come in different colours so I have one for my under eye and pimples and one colour that covers my sunspots. Thank goodness!)

vegan eye pencil


Sans (Ceuticals) Activator 7 Body + Hair + Face Oil ( the most beautiful smelling oil ever - use for body and hair too!)


Body Cream

I also use the Sans Ceuticals for my body a lot. A cruelty-free but not as “natural” one I also love is the Spa of the World™ Japanese Camellia Cream by the Body Shop who no longer is owned by Loreal. That is an every now and then one because I love the smell! I also like

Dr Bronners Lavander Coconut Cream

vegan natural dry shampoo