Gemma is a Qualified Naturopath, yoga teacher, co-author of The Compassionate Kitchen, creator of The 21-Day Guide and Rumbling With Our Food Choices Course. She has been involved in the making of a documentary and is an Ambassador for the animal protection group, Voiceless.


I write this blog as I’m incredibly passionate about helping others live healthy, cruelty-free lives. I want to share what I can to empower each of us to make compassionate choices that support ourselves and the greater whole.

Practising yoga for over 15 years, I deeply believe we need to take our yoga off our mats and live it by making kind, conscious daily decisions.

When I began my studies, many years ago, in natural healing and nutritional medicine, I also learnt about the horrors of factory farming… I had NO IDEA! Once I knew I couldn’t un-know but I felt overwhelmed because I didn’t know how to help. I didn’t think there was anything I could do that was “big enough”. Then I realised what I could do was a great place to start. This goes for all of us - there are always little, or big, things we can do!

The daily choices we make may seem small and insignificant but multiplied by billions of others whom also choose to live compassionately can have a profound effect.

Now I live with the intention to do no harm and above and beyond this, to be part of the solution not the problem.

To live with compassion for myself, for all beings and for our environment. I’m not perfect by any means, but I like to live to my fullest potential. This is a practise I come back to daily. As a mother to two beautiful young children, I want to do what I can to nourish them and also look after this beautiful earth for them to live on in the future and I know it is not always easy.

Yet I also know what we eat, buy, even where we purchase from and how we spend our time and our thoughts, influences our lives, our communities and the planet earth as a greater whole. I believe we have a collective responsibility to look after our planet, as we are all connected…and this often starts right at home.

I want to share some of what I have learnt along my journey to help others -  to help you - find easy-to-access, researched information that empowers you to be able to make sustainable, greener and kinder choices. I am vegan and have been for 15 years, but I am really not interested in “labels” or judging what feels right for you. However I do believe factory farming and many other ways we treat animals in food production, experimentation and entertainment, is cruel and that when people know what goes on behind the closed doors - they do too - vegan or not vegan. I hope this information helps guide you to live congruently with your values.  

This include

  • Plant-based yummy recipes

  • Natural health topics

  • Animal and Environmental friendly products

  • People and their work, that educate and motivate me

  • Shining the light on hidden suffering of animals that occurs in our society

There is also the free 21 Day Guide, you can download and print out, purchase my cookbook for a beautiful gift to yourself or loved ones or join the Rumble With Our Food Choices online month  course. Please share what speaks to you - this is how positive changes spread.

I am also still constantly learning. I hope I provide some food for thought and inspire some to join me down the compassionate road…you have the capacity to make a difference.

If you are interested in private yoga classes with me or would like to get in touch about anything, please email me on gemma@thecompassionateroad.com


Be the change you want to see in the world